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 ~The Venji~

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PostSubject: ~The Venji~   Thu Nov 27, 2008 7:36 pm

The Venji are a very tribal race, they appears as a dark-skinned human with claws for hands and feet. They have a very strong beleif in the God Tsanji and must propose a female scarifice to him every new moon. Tsanji is beleived to have spoken to Mor'zan in a dream, he told Mor'zan that the humans are enemys and will one day declare war on the Venji and wipe out the entire race. Mor'zan took this to heart and has orginized small divisions to attack small human towns and encmapments. The Venji own one third of human territory right now and are planning their attack on Zael very soon.
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~The Venji~
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